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Community affairs

Community affairs focuses on issues that have a direct impact on the community’s health and safety, including issues on municipal level. This is done through a network of AfriForum branches across South Africa – by people, for people.


Pionier is a service company with a profit motive. The company is an initiative of and is wholly owned by AfriForum.

Our generation is called upon to be pioneers of self-governance. The Afrikaner history is characterised by pioneering work that enabled the Afrikaner to successfully survive under difficult circumstances and against all odds, and that lead to the upliftment of the Afrikaner community.

The Afrikaner’s living space has declined increasingly since 2015 – with disastrous consequences. It is especially primary services such as water, electricity and refuse removal, as well as infrastructure that are in a state of collapse. There is no prospect of improvement over the short term.   

The fast decline of these services compels us to manage primary services ourselves and, where possible, to start rendering these services ourselves. The road to self-governance is indeed Pionier’s work.  

Pionier’s plan to fight

Pionier will launch ongoing campaigns on ground level to ensure that AfriForum positions itself effectively to fill these gaps in service delivery when the opportunity presents itself. Participation in the integrated development plans process is but one example of this.

High-level liaising with Ministers, local councils and municipalities occur regularly to strengthen AfriForum’s position and build relationships.    

All these matters are aimed at being allowed to render these services – based on legislation – formally on ground level so that the community may render these services themselves on behalf of the state.

Pionier’s plan to build

Pionier is a vehicle that was established to provide or enable the provision of self-management of traditional municipal services in communities where municipalities are no longer able to provide these services to communities.   

Pionier’s aims:

  • To establish self-management and infrastructure by ensuring sustainable quality services in especially – but not exclusively – the following areas:
  • The management of water resources and the provision of clean drinking water
  • Sewage management
  • Refuse removal and terrain management
  • Electricity provision
  • To get local businesses, people and the local AfriForum branch involved to provide sustainable services in communities by communities.

Pionier attempts to enlist experts and involve them in the company to create the ability to render services to the community in a number of ways. The eventual aim is to conclude public/private partnership with the municipality to provide municipal service to the community.

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