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Community affairs

Community affairs focuses on issues that have a direct impact on the community’s health and safety, including issues on municipal level. This is done through a network of AfriForum branches across South Africa – by people, for people.

Centre for Local Government

It is widely known that South Africa is currently facing both a municipal and government crisis. For the last couple of years, less than 10% of the country’s municipalities received a clean audit. Municipal decline inevitably has a destructive effect on the living standard of communities and local economies.

Due to the nature and speciality of the work being performed by AfriForum Community Affairs, it is necessary for the division to also be supported by a more specialised research ability.

The Centre for Local Government is a research institution that will investigate many aspects of local management. It will be seated within the community affairs division and inevitably closely cooperate with this division to bring theory and practice together. The overall idea is to highlight the critical state of local governments in the country and to simultaneously align it with ideas and solutions.

As the name indicates, general municipal matters and research will most definitely also be attended to. The centre will strive towards being not only the leading analysing source regarding municipal matters, but also to produce relevant research outputs of a good quality. It will furthermore act as watchdog – especially in respect of municipal decline and corruption.

Dr Eugene Brink is the manager of the centre.


Municipal Analysis

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