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Why AfriForum?

AfriForum offers a healthy, balanced and happy work environment with dynamic, talented personnel who all work hard to make a difference.

The organisation’s culture is based on Christian values like honesty, openness, trust, cooperation and loyalty.

A career at AfriForum creates the opportunity to belong to an organisation that focuses on people and where your qualifications, experience, characteristics and skills will contribute in an important way.

To belong and to make a difference are inherent needs in each person. AfriForum offers personnel the unique opportunity to meet both these needs.

Although we can tell you what it is like to work here, it is much better to hear it from the horse’s mouth: our personnel.

Development and training

AfriForum emphasises the development of personnel and continuously create training and development opportunities. One of Human Resources’ initiatives, Afskop (English: kick-off), is aimed at identifying and offering these opportunities. Afskop acknowledges every person’s need to develop further and points to our endeavours to identify training and development opportunities with which they can kick of their journey towards development.

The organisation annually offers opportunity for tertiary education and encourages personnel to enrol for courses to obtain certificates, diplomas, under- as well as postgraduate degrees – even up to doctor’s degree level.

There are also other development opportunities that are offered in cooperation with external service providers, which include internal as well as external training and development opportunities.

Apart from a transparent recruitment process, this growing organisation offers internal growth opportunities, and vacancies are advertised internally as well as externally.

Human Resources support personnel with career development and mentorships, and psychometric tests and talent assessment form part of this process.

Employee wellness

AfriForum focuses on maintaining a healthy, balanced working environment. Raakvat (English: to do things efficiently and competently), another Human Resources initiative, focuses on employee wellness and offering a holistic approach to employee wellness. The initiative includes among other interactive information sessions, monthly newsletters and employee assistance programmes.

The term Raakvat points to every person’s need and responsibility to effectively manage their own personal wellness, and to rebalance any imbalance that may exist.

Career opportunities

We are always on the lookout for talent and we get very excited when we receive applications.

View the available opportunities below.


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