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AfriForum requests answers from Arthur Fraser regarding Zuma’s medical parole

AfriForum today urgently requested answers regarding the release of former president Jacob Zuma on medical parole. An urgent lawyer’s letter was sent today to Arthur Fraser, the National Commissioner of Correctional Services, wherein he is asked to urgently answer several questions. In light of the urgency of this matter and the potential violation of justice Fraser is requested in accordance with the lawyer’s letter to answer the questions by 10 September.

In the letter Fraser is requested to provide AfriForum with information that would bring clarity about whether or not the release of Jacob Zuma complies with the relevant legislation. The following information is specifically requested:

  • Whether Zuma suffers from a terminal disease that justifies his medical parole.
  • If Zuma was not diagnosed with a terminal disease, particulars of the injury, disease or illness which justified medical parole must be divulged .
  • Given Zuma’s well publicised refusal to be examined by medical doctors appointed by the National Prosecution Authority, despite clear provisions by the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, full particulars are required as to how Fraser came to the conclusion that there is no risk that Zuma will transgress again.
  • A copy of the application for medical parole, in the prescribed format, which was considered by Fraser.
  • A copy of the medical report recommending that Zuma be placed on medical parole.

Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum, says it is a downright shame that a high-profile case such as this is plunged into so much secrecy. “One would think that the Department of Correctional Services would ensure that there is no uncertainty with the public as to why this decision was taken. Nevertheless it seems at first glance that this decision was taken without complying with the requirements of the law.”

Roets said that Fraser’s response to the lawyer’s letter by AfriForum would determine whether further legal action is needed, but that AfriForum’s legal team is ready to take the matter further if necessary.

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